my congratulations and my apology to neil gaiman

ImageHaving originally begun this blog to write about books, it is a treat for me when I actually do. In the next few weeks, it is my grand plan to finally bring my faithful followers current on what I’ve read, and what I thought about what I read.

Let’s talk a moment about Neil Gaiman, shall we? I have excitedly described his writing to friends and others who cared to listen, but not well. I’ve referred to the style as, “kind of weird” and the themes as “intelligently disturbing.” This leads folks to think a mode of horror, when it is not that at all — although there are some wonderfully horrific moments in his work. I have compared him to Edgar Allen Poe mixed with a dashes of Jonathan Carroll and H.P. Lovecraft but not many have understood. At this point I should probably apologize to Mr. Gaiman. In my attempts to convert, I’ve likely put off an equal number with my awkward bumbling. His most apt response would be, “Get off my side.”

Now, Hudson Booksellers has named his The Ocean at the End of the Lane their selection for 2013 Book of the Year. And more importantly, at least for me, they have nicely clarified my incoherence: “Neil Gaiman has this voice, charming and humane but creepy, occasionally whimsical but capable also of evoking real dread; and when he gets dark all the effects amplify because you have been charmed and cozened.” Yes, that.