poverty and homelessness

homelessHaving recently attended a two-day conference on homelessness, it made me hopeful that we in the U.S., or in this particular conference’s case the upper Midwest, are turning a corner. There is a consciousness I’ve never seen before and an awareness of what the impoverished need. It has taken our society several decades to get here — we used to ignore the vagrant sleeping on the bench or screaming at the light post — only to realize that treated as human beings, these folks will usually act as such.

Anyway, over the weekend I read two articles that lead me to believe we are on the right track, whether intentional or not.

The New York Times: Medicaid Expansion Faces Major Logistical Challenges Among the Homeless

The Atlantic: Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions and why their bad decisions may be more rational than you think

I can think of no better a time to consider those homeless souls — when we are all grateful for that which we have been given.

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