au revoir to little flower


We said goodbye to the Thérèse of Lisieux statue that’s graced our house for years. Her new owners are bringing her to her new home at the Archdiocese offices in Washington, DC. I know they will treat her well.

In a previous post about Thérèse, I wrote:

Ok, so I’ve had this statute for years — Thérèse of Lisieux is her name (I had a French thing for a while), she’s the patron saint of any number of respectable things like people with AIDS, aviators, florists, illness and missions. I’ve always given her very deserved solemnity and left her alone. She used to wear hat ocassionally, but I’ve stopped that. Lately Thérèse been looking a little forelorn, perhaps even bored. Naturally, I’ve been concerned.

Today I attempted to cheer her up a bit, and the girls are convinced I’m wrong. Going to H-E-double-L even. I figured if trying to cheer up a saint will get me there, I’ve done a half dozen things worse just in the last few days and I can worry about the hell thing later. Anyway, she does look happier and that’s what counts.

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