lady bird johnson

lady bird johnson

I was just saying a few weeks ago that someone should write a book about the life of Lady Bird Johnson. She was an inspiring and interesting woman — not someone who could be easily led. So it begins, my knowing too much about a political figure and with few people to share it. And the bird name, I have always loved; I used to think it was a nickname my parent had for the gracious woman she was.

She recounts her first meeting with Lyndon: They’d been driving around all day. He’d felt he’d been struck by lightning. She was less sanguine. “I just sat there with my mouth open, kind of, I was far from sure I wanted to know him any better.” No argument from me there, I can’t say I’d have thought differently.

From Lady Bird Johnson: An Oral History by Michael L. Gillette, who’s also done a biography of LBJ, but it’s in several volumes and that would be too much politics for me, I think.

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