recent book recommendations

Ok, so I’ve been all educated and advanced-degree graduated for a six months now. While I was using my time on my studies, I promised myself that I’d finally get to managing my TBR list and perhaps creating a plan as to how I would read 2,000 books with the time I have left on this earth. The old saying goes, “You can’t take it with you,” and nothing is more true than with books — who really wants to travel with all that bulk?

Some recommendations of late, and my notes.

1982-21982 by Jian Ghomeshi. Having lived through the 80’s and survived, it would be an interesting trip back, especially if this novel is as accurate as everyone is exclaiming. From Compulsive Overreader: “It’s an interesting choice, to write a memoir so tightly focused on a single slice of time that it’s not just a coming-of-age story but a turning-fifteen story. In 1982 I was turning 17, finishing high school and starting university in St. John’s, while Jian Ghomeshi was finishing Grade 9 and starting Grade 10, crushing on an unattainable girl, adoring David Bowie, and trying to simultaneously stand out and fit in as an Iranian immigrant in whiter-than-white Thornhill, a Toronto suburb.” I’m interested in going back in time, are you?


Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is showing up on most lists as one of the best of 2012, including The Atlantic. They rave: “Beautiful Ruins is Walter’s most inventive novel to date, with an elaborated braided storyline and an essentially comic vision of life… Plus, one last totally shallow reason for loving it:  it has the most gorgeous book jacket art of any novel I read this year.” In my humble opinion, book jacket is reason enough to offer the title consideration!

I shouldn’t not mention Gone Girl, the book I noticed everywhere this summer and friends confessed that it actually stands up to the hype.

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