stay classy

It is not the democratic process I dislike; I agree that it is my responsibility as an American to care about the issues and educate myself in order to make an informed decision on November 6. In saying that, I take this responsibility seriously and generally do quite a bit of reading before I cast a vote.

This time around, I have to say I want this election over, and here’s why:

  • People really should know who they’re voting for by now. Hopefully they know their own beliefs and don’t need to be spoon fed by the adverts and talk shows.  If they are still uncertain, they haven’t been paying attention and probably shouldn’t vote to begin with.
  • Shouldn’t candidates care about all peoples living in their constituency simply because they live in their constituency? It is maddening for me to see how much the political parties and politicians cater to the special interests and pander to the pundits.
  • If you live in a swing state, I’m sorry. You are likely seeing more than your fair share of campaign adverts from both parties and numerous advocacy groups (my suggestion: don’t turn on the television or radio for the next 50 days to allow for the election and the aftermath; it will get worse before it gets better).
  • Robo-calls for robo-candidates.
  • PACS pretending they are taking a survey, but in asking the questions you can tell they are actually promoting a particular candidate.
  • I was recently told I was “ignorant” because I don’t intend to see the 2016 movie. Excuse me, but I am exercising my constitutional right to view what I want and don’t. If that’s ignorant, take it up with the founding fathers.
  • The truth is difficult to locate these days. I’m sick and tired of the half truths spewed by halfwits; I don’t care what they think. Please present the facts and allow me to make my own decisions.
  • Everything is turned into a liberal or conservative issue. Someone was recently railing on about the idiocy of the Equal Pay Act, when I responded, “Not sure I get the point, shouldn’t Job X should have the same value to an organization whether it’s performed by a man or a woman?” He responded by calling me a ‘typical liberal’ who was unwilling to listen to reason. He then wished me what he thought I deserved: a slow death. Yes, really.

I am heartily disgusted by the people who so embrace the process that they feel the need to politicize to the point of divorcing themselves from both reality and civility.

Let’s get some perspective, people. Please. The next six weeks really can’t pass quickly enough.

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