in regard to the sound and the fury: I will blog about whatever I want

Let’s see…how can I explain this without belaboring the point? Over the summer I had one date with someone who quickly became much too intense, not to mention unstable. He claimed to lie awake at night worried about why I hadn’t contacted him that day, thinking nothing of the fact that he’d not reached out to me. When I suggested that the notion was a little dramatic, he sent a few ranting texts and proceeded “officially” block me — something I found ironic and humorous. Crazy is as crazy does, I suppose.

A few weeks ago he came back around, with an apology and a hat in hand, wanting to see me again. Okay, fine. I thought I could hold off actually seeing him until I got some confirmation about my initial summertime impression. I was skeptical but it wasn’t completely impossible that I was off base, so I gave him a very careful second chance. After some basically cordial exchanges, yesterday morning he claimed he was seeking a long-term relationship with me, complete with a voicemail diatribe about how very isolated and lonely he is.

By the time I returned from lunch our relationship was officially over. Apparently he believed that something I said on Facebook pertained to him — so that would make him egotistical and nuts. Sigh, I am blocked once again. When I tried to explain that his rash reaction was in error, rather than admitting he was wrong, he defended his pre-adolescent behavior with texts and voicemails which swung between “Good luck to you” to “I have been very very patient with you and I’m tired of your games” to “I know you think you’re so much smarter than me.” The myriad of insane assumptions coupled with his repeated ramblings were unfortunate coming from someone who considered himself an adult; I wasn’t sure if I should be incensed or feel pity. At some point he indicated that none of what had transpired should show up on my blog because I didn’t want to make things hard on myself. That is the very reason I’m writing today. That sounds like a dare.

I don’t know if there is a real morale to the story. In my younger days I allowed the rhetoric to cloud the actions, but I know now that people always show you who they are. Again, I should have listened to my first impression.

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